17 February 2014

Bol Film Festival Featured


The idea of Bol film festival was conceived in 2011 from a screening club managed by Neengar society. It finally became a reality when Movies that Matter film festival provided training under "Cinema without borders" training program on how to organize a film festival. The first edition was organized in 2012 at Multan, with the financial support of Movies that Matter film festival. 

“Bol” is a word of Urdu Language which means “To Speak”, it’s an expression of freedom of speech and the ability to express one’s opinion. Since 2012, BOL Human Rights Film Festival aims to raise awareness among target audience groups about human rights issues in Pakistan. Believing that movies are powerful tool to bring to light things happening and if this effective and mind changing tool is used correctly, it is e a source of empowerment and effective delivery of  messages can be possible, that would make the society a place with better understanding of  human rights. Bol film festival is the first human rights film festival of Pakistan.It has  presented outstanding feature films, documentaries and short films covering the issues and rights of minorities in previous editions.

Target audience: In the words of Andrea Kuhn Festival Director, Nuremberger Filmfestival der Menschenrechte Perspecktive "we want to reach out to a much broader audience than 'just' the human rights crowd". We welcome everyone, students, professors, workers, gender and sexual minorities, lawyers. if you have interest in attending a screening and raise a question, you are our target audience. 

Demographics: The festival has been visited by 4700 people during the period of 05 days. 1237 females, 3463 males attended the festival.  On the other hand 2695 people belonged to the age group of 15-35 including 1112 females. Majority of youth came from colleges, slum areas where the festival was announced with the help of posters and loud speakers. School teachers, university students and student unions were the major chunk of youth. A visible number of local NGOs, civil society member, journalists and professors attended the event.  Due to certain important security incidents on national level, no VIPs, ministers were able to attend the festival. Details of the reasons are provided in Challenges section.


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