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Puppets for Drug Demand Reduction

Puppets for drug demand reduction was a project implemented by Neengar society. The project had a goal to perform puppet theater in schools and colleges of southern Punjab to engage girls and boys in a discussion about reducing the demand of drugs.

Gender Diversity Forum

Gender Diversity Forum is a platform for all those who are interested/belong to/engaged/ researching on different aspects of gender. The forum was established as part of implementation of the Action plan developed at Gender Diversity Training in Istanbul. It was part of Training for Pakistan Project by USAID and facilitated by CREA. 

Multan Puppet Festival

Multan Puppet Festival is an attempt to use art and culture as a tool for delivering messages and engaging community. Paksitan has a rich history of puppetry with colorful traditional puppetry which has its roots in Rajasthan. Multan Puppet Festival is contributing towards cultural revival and bringing puppets back to life.

Puppets for Drug Demand Reduction second phase.

The second phase of Puppets for drug demand reduction covered districts of southern Punjab and targeted youth. It engaged 100,000 young people over a period of 12 months.