About Us

The core mission of Neengar Society is to provide the less privileged with more opportunities by enabling access to education, health and a better environment. We work towards supporting women so that she realises her full potential and honing the abilities of the youth from some of the most marginalized sections of the society thus enabling them to rise.

We use a three-pronged approach to help them overcome social and economic hurdles that stall education through our long-term and short-term projects and initiatives.

To date, Neengar Society has implemented various projects with donor and local support transforming a total of 89,118 lives.

Representing Diversity of Culture and Country

Neengar is a gender neutral word of Saraiki (indigenous language of Punjab) language which means youth. The same word is also used in Sindhi and in Pashtu it means children.

Lack of education, access to justice and societal barriers in the districts of southern Punjab is continuation of the oppression, violation of human rights and submissive state of minorities including women and youth of these marginalised groups, since or even before creation of Pakistan.

Hear from Shani

Board Members

Malik Sajid Raza
Advocate High Court
Member District Council, Khanewal

Dr. Iram Awan
Vice Chairperson
Department of Psychology, B.Z University Multan

Dr. Nargis Abbas
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Sargodha

Dr. Beenish Ijaz Butt
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Sargodha

Dr. Uzma Ashiq
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Sargodha
Nabeel Altaf
CEO, Air Consultancy Multan

Dr. Ruqya Safdar
Department of Psychology
B.Z University, Multan

2009-2019: The Decade of Development

With the aim to empower marginalized communities, Neengar Society untangles the threads of gender inequality and illiteracy that mangle the fabric of our society today. Empowering with education gives the wings of power to the underprivileged youth to break free from social evils and scale new heights with independence and confidence.

Since the beginning of our journey in August 2009, Neengar Society has been growing together with the community and youth that embarked on a journey of behavior changing and torch bearing. Through our development initiatives particularly focused on hard to reach areas, particularly in southern Punjab and rural populations, we employ an innovative approach while gaining our mandate and support from the grass roots level in both cities and rural areas.