With kind and generous donor support, we have launched initiatives with long-term goals that are successful with the help of volunteers and community engagement.

Legal Aid

Access to justice, fair trials, and protection of legal rights is a challenge for underprivileged groups in Pakistan. Marginalized groups in society lack access to fundamental rights and violations of these rights make it difficult for these communities to access justice. This factor is further backed by evidence through major research on human rights violations and statistics on access to justice.

Legal Aid program has been launched successfully and legal aid counter is working in district bar association Multan.

Five more legal aid counters in districts of Mailsi, Lodhran, Bahawalpur, and Khanewal will be functional during the year 2019. The initiative has been made possible by support of volunteer lawyers and human rights activists based in these cities.

Gender Diversity Forum

An initiative to raise awareness about gender diversity and how Pakistan’s rich culture and society has always respected gender diverse communities. This forum facilitates connections between researchers, academia, journalists and gender minorities so that a better understanding of gender diversity can be developed.

Members extend technical and expert support to provide trainings to transgender and other gender minority groups.

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