Message from the President

Knowledge powers sustainable transformations. Education empowers individuals and opens for them the gates to limitless opportunities. Unfortunately, for a large portion of our populace, the door to education remains shut due to access issues, economic challenges or social biases.

It has been a decade that the Neengar Society has been helping individuals from a wide cross-section of society gain access to this potent tool of emancipation. Over the years, we have engaged almost 575,000 youth in shaping the future for a peaceful, healthy, drug-free Pakistan, educating youth and letting their imagination soar. They are encouraged to rise, in the process of lifting entire communities.

Our work on human rights has been providing youth from marginalized sections of society with access to skills that enable them to secure their role in society without any discrimination. A total of 4,930 youths have benefited from the various programs that Neengar Society offers.

Through its social media, volunteers, and outreach, Neengar Society continues to help bright minds transform their dreams of higher education into reality. This enables them to harness their true potential and enhance their contributions to society. The following report chronicles this year’s journey of empowerment through various programs. The results of our interventions have been immensely inspiring and these stories of hope and the resultant smiles, continue to fuel our efforts of powering social transformations through education.

Muhannad Sahid Mahmood

Advocate High Court
President, Neengar Society