Over the last decade, we have implemented the following projects with the support from donors and supporters.

Dignity for All

Donor: CREA

Pakistan has a diverse society in which different groups have been living in harmony for centuries. Among those are transgender and marginalized groups. Unfortunately, with growing violence in society these peaceful groups are also being victimized. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in murder, rape and torture of transgender community members.

Neengar Society identified this issue and provides training to grassroots level community activists about how to improve their safety from violence and other hateful crimes. These activists are now better able to seek justice for victims of human rights abuses.

Along with training, we organized screenings of films on human rights to engage masses in debates on human rights violations of marginalized communities in Pakistan including transgender populations. This project has helped many community leaders like Shahan Abbas Shani to mobilize her community and register her own organization.

Trainings Provided

  • Training to Transgender youth on legal rights
  • Training to rural youth on human rights
  • Activism and Safety training to community-based activists
  • Training on legal and human rights for rural transgender groups

All given to different youth groups and underprivileged communities (GSM). Need-based training serves as an aid to the brightest of minds to help them pursue their endeavors in life and contribute more to their chosen fields of work and society, at large

Training of Transgender and Marginalized Youth with FGHR

Dreams have no borders, and neither should success. Fund for Global Human Rights supported Neengar Society to train 25 community-based leaders including gender minority groups with trainings on human rights.

In response to an increase in incidents of violence and crimes against marginalized groups, we identified 25 community-based activists and provided them training on human rights, improved safety and security, legal mechanisms in Pakistan, and the constitutional rights of citizens.

With the objective of contributing towards making Pakistan a society where all citizens have equal rights and everyone enjoys protection of their rights, this project serves as a milestone. Engaging marginalized groups means enabling those who have the least capacity and resources to protect their own rights.